We have an international, ambitious team with different backgrounds which allows us to carry out the project and to achieve our vision with the highest degree of success.

Avila Lindgren

Avila Lindgren

Founder and CEO

Avila first became acquainted with microalgae during her master\’s degree in Freshwater and Marine Biology (University of Amsterdam). She spent her childhood growing up on Curaçao and is highly motivated to contribute to the developments and society of the island.

Sebastiaan Winters

Sebastiaan Winters

Technical Development

With a background in mechanical engineering, Sebastiaan has over six years of experience working on large scale, multi company projects in the Oil & Gas industry.
He believes that algae is here to stay and wants to make his contribution to a cleaner environment. 


Become part of the team!

Do you have Algae know-how, are you eager, willing to contribute to this project and don\’t mind living in Curaçao? Drop us an email at info@caribalgae.com.


Become part of the project!